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Christmas Catalogue 2021 - Ceramics

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

1. Natasha Swan Ceramics

Natasha is a potter from Northern Ireland who handcrafts unique tableware from her home studio. All her pieces are made using stoneware porcelain and are sold through her small business 'Natasha Swan Ceramics'. Her signature range, ‘The Neutrals’ are inspired by the tranquil stoney beaches of Islandmagee.


Instagram: @natashaswanceramics


2. Mud Ireland

Mud Ireland specialises in handcrafted and beautifully designed functional pottery made from Ming Porcelain. Each piece is hand-thrown and passes through the potter's hands 17 times before it reaches the kiln. The piece is then glazed with Mud Ireland's signature glaze formula that gives their collections a distinct and wonderful depth of colour.


Instagram: @mud_ireland


3. Chloe Dowds Ceramics

Chloe Dowds is a multi-award winning Irish artist. She specialises in homeware pieces that have been skilfully handcrafted using porcelain. Her products range from mugs, plates, bowls, teapots, serving dishes, pitchers and more. Chloe employs a soft contemporary colour palette reflecting the subtleties of colour she sees in her environment.


Instagram: @chloe_dowds_ceramics


4. Porcelain White

Lynne Dyson handcrafts beautiful homeware pieces using stoneware clay. Her designs are inspired by her love of the seascapes, waves, rocks and pebbles found along the Northern Irish coastline. Lynne also combines her love of food and cooking from all over the world to create a unique range of bowls, platters and dishes which are perfect for both everyday use and for entertaining friends and family.


Instagram: @_porcelainwhite


5. Loaf Pottery & Coffee Shop

Loaf Pottery sell a selection of pottery products including mugs, espresso sets, butter dishes and vases that are handmade by in-house potter Joshua Lyness. All profits from Loaf Pottery are reinvested back into the NOW group who help people with learning disabilities and autism to develop worthwhile training for long term employment.


Instagram: @loafpottery


6. Aaron Kearney Design

Aaron Kearney is a ceramicist and all round maker based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Aaron established his unique Edge Ceramics collection after an observation that people tend to eat certain meals without a knife and subsequently chase their last piece of food around the plate. The range has grown organically to include different sizes which are designed to be used individually, or within other sizes, depending on the meal.


Instagram: @aaronkearneydesign


7. Babs Belshaw Ceramics

Babs Belshaw is a potter based on the North Coast of Ireland who creates beautiful handmade porcelain tableware glazed in contemporary colours and designed to be used daily. She also makes wonderfully unique porcelain crystal ceramics. In November 2020, Babs opened The Blackheath Pottery which is a newly renovated pottery and café based in the courtyard of Blackheath House in Coleraine.


Instagram: @babs_belshaw_ceramics and @theblackheathpottery


8. Helen Faulkner

Helen Faulker is a ceramic artist based in Belfast Northern Ireland. She makes beautiful tableware because of her love of food and the idea of creating something that becomes part of someone's every day life. Her Toulouse range includes teapots, ramen bowls and fruit bowls inspired by time spent in the beautiful city of Toulouse in the South of France, known as La Ville en Rose, the Pink City because of the beautiful terracotta bricks of the buildings that seem to glow pink in the evening sun.


Instagram: @helenfaulknerceramics


9. Rebecca Killen Ceramics

Rebecca Killen Ceramics is an award winning homeware brand founded by ceramic designer-maker Rebecca Killen in Co. Down, Northern Ireland. Rebecca creates beautiful bone china pieces that aim to evoke memories, a sense of nostalgia or serve as decorative pieces in the home to be used and treasured for years to come. Her bottles, dishes and vessels are made in small batches using the slip casting technique.


Instagram: @rebeccakillenceramics__


10. Cloverhill Ceramics

Cloverhill Ceramics is a small business run by Lisa Brown who makes beautiful handmade ceramic pieces using stoneware clay including these unique berry mugs at her studio in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. Starting with a bag of clay each piece goes through many processes to take it from mud to mug.


Instagram: @cloverhillceramicsni


11. Figment Ceramics

Jakki Trainor is a ceramic artist from BryansFord, Northern Ireland. At her home studio, Jakki creates wonderful artwork that celebrates the ability of clay to hold marks and the chemistry of glaze making. Each piece is illustrative and depicts Jakki's love for folklore and nature.


Instagram: @figment.ceramics


12. Aoife Slattery Ceramics

Aoife Slattery is a ceramic artist based in Ballymorris, Ireland. She handmakes colourful contemporary homeware that evokes a sense of playfulness while also being great functional pieces that can be used day to day in the home.


Instagram: @aoife_slattery_ceramics


13. Adam Frew Ceramics

Adam is a potter based in rural Northern Ireland who works with porcelain to make a range of functional pieces and large one-off pots. He makes clean, simple forms on the potters wheel that subtly show the makers hand in order to imbue a sense of life in the work. His marks are continually evolving and reflect his interest in contrasts; sharp lines, crayon scribbles, brush marks and sponged back sections.


Instagram: @adamfrewceramics


14. Zara Ceramics

Zara McLaughlin is an award winning ceramic artist and maker based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. She handmakes bespoke functional ceramics including mugs, dinnerware sets and lamps for the home and also enjoys making unique pieces for the gallery space.


Instagram: @zaraceramics


15. Rachel Leary Ceramics

Rachel Leary is an award winning ceramicist who makes functional and decorative ceramic artworks from her home studio in the countryside of Co. Tyrone. Much of Rachel's work is inspired by her love of nature. Through aesthetics of form, texture and design, Rachel aims to evoke memories of the countryside and its hidden treasures and oddities.


Instagram: @rachellearyceramics


16. Claire Ceramics

Claire McCullough is a highly skilled potter who makes unique hand-thrown porcelain pieces from her home studio in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. Her pieces include mugs, vessels and functional ware. Claire uses the ceramic forms as a blank slate to explore mark making and brush movement. She aims to break away from the traditional canvas to create something 3D with movement and play.


Instagram: @clairemccceramics


17. Jemma Millen Ceramics

Jemma Millen is a ceramicist with a First Class Hons in Fine & Applied Art, specialising in Ceramics. Jemma uses traditional hand-building techniques to craft unique functional forms using terracotta clay. Much of her work including the Meadow Plate range was inspired by the beautiful meadows and wildflowers that surround Jemma's home in the County Antrim countryside .


Instagram: @jemmamillenceramics


18. Drysdale Ceramics

Rebecca Drysdale is a contemporary potter from Northern Ireland with a First Class Honours in a BA in Ceramics. Her work takes inspiration from the minimal, well-made craft of Scandinavia. Her work combines the contemporary Scandinavian thrown pottery design authentic of Copenhagen with a subtle coastal colour pallet inspired by the rural Strangford landscape in Northern Ireland. Rebecca also teaches thrown pottery from Boom Studios in Bangor.


Instagram: @drysdaleceramics


19. Ciaran Headley

Ciaran Headley is a potter who lives on the shores of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland.

His work focuses mainly on functional stoneware including bowls, plates, cups and pitchers that reflect the colours, textures and shapes of his natural environment.


Instagram: @ciaran_headley_pottery


20. Ellen Woods Ceramics

Ellen Woods is a ceramic artist, and Art and Design teacher based in rural Northern Ireland. She creates beautiful pieces that have been inspired by the nature and the landscape where she lives. Ellen creates because it enables her to combine her emotions, thoughts and feelings into ceramic art pieces for others to enjoy.


Instagram: @elenwoodsceramics


21. Peter Montgomery

Peter Montgomery is a potter from Belfast who makes wood fired functional tableware pieces using porcelain and stoneware in rural Devon.

His work includes porcelain cups & saucers, mugs, plates, bowls and teapots that are each given a unique and beautiful Caledon type glaze.


Instagram: @petermontgomery


22. Wendy Ward Design

Wendy Ward Design is an award winning homeware brand established in 2016. Each piece of the collection is uniquely crafted by hand in Northern Ireland, from the finest quality porcelain. The Wendy Ward collection was born from Wendy’s fascination with the translucent and luminous qualities of porcelain and a passion to transform the material into affordable design products.


Instagram: @wendywarddesign

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